About Us

Gritex Company as the largest manufacturer of a wide range of abrasive minerals in the sandblast and water jet industry is proud to meet the needs of various industries in a completely scientific and industrial production process. These industries includes petrochemical and oil industries, aviation, military, ceramic tiles, glass, all kinds of metal industries, metal filtration, refining, etc.

The main products of this company include a wide range of garnet minerals in raw and processed form in different granulations and in accordance with the needs of industries. Due to the variety of minerals and their different properties and colors, their range of application is increasing every day.


Today, the maintenance of pipelines, oil industries, refineries, shipbuilding, and also the maintenance and installation of offshore vessels, steel and reservoirs industries caused by corrosion and rusting of metal surfaces impose high costs on this industry. Meanwhile, what reduces the costs of industrial units, especially in wet areas, is the correct and scientific dredging in order to create a suitable profile for a suitable coating layer on the surfaces.

Therefore, before applying coatings on the surface, creating a surface free of rust, dirt and decay is of particular importance.

In addition to ornamental stones, Garnet as a silicate mineral with high density and hardness is mostly used in blasting / cutting applications in the above industries.

In addition to increasing the quality of sandblasting, this product reduces the cost of sandblasting and increases production.

The advantages of garnet include the following:

  1. More production and less abrasive consumption due to its physical advantages such as high density and hardness plus its unique crystal shape;
  2. Save labor hours and increase production efficiency;
  3. Uniform and professional surface profile;
  4. Less dust;
  5. Minimum risk to the health and safety of individuals due to the low level of silica crystal which is less than 10%;
  6. Eco-friendly;
  7. 6-8 time recyclability which result in more efficiency and less waste;
  8. No porosity and no moisture absorption.