Technical Info

The use of abrasives in industry in the sandblasting process is of particular importance. This is because of the increasing use of metals in most industries and since creating a suitable coating in the manufacturing process and creating a suitable surface in creating the coating is imperative, in addition, the importance of de-rusting process in the industry for maintenance and in the production process.


Considering the types of metals and the application of abrasive, different abrasives are used depending on the hardness of the blasted surface and the type of coating. Titanium oxide, various types of slugs, including copper slugs, silica and Garnet are among the raw materials used in sandblasting.

Garnet has a high resistance to breakage due to its sharp angles’ edge and very high hardness of 6.5-7.5 Mohs which results in recycling up to 5-8 times in the sandblasting process.

Garnet is a glossy, non-toxic abrasive, it has very low free silica, does not dissolve in water and does not absorb moisture. It produces very low dust and increases visibility of operation in the sandblasting process. Heavy metals and radioactive materials are not present in this abrasive and basically this material does not produce any pollution in the environment.

For the above reasons, Garnet has less consumption in the production process and does not pose a risk to workers’ health.

In addition to the above advantages, compared to other abrasives, Garnet has a production speed of 2-2.5 times. It also has very accurate sizing for all types of sandblasting as well as water jet cutting.

It creates an excellent and uniform surface for paint and coating adhesion.

Due to the remarkable advantages of this abrasive, Garnet is currently the best abrasive used in the waterjet cutting industry in most countries of the world.

This company produces its Garnet in three types of green, brown and red called Andradite, Grossular and Almandine, which according to the type of application has a very precise sizing and very high purity.

The produced Garnets are produced at a very high quality level in a completely scientific process and in cooperation with the scholars. It also has various product codes in a variety of products to suit the type of production process, customer request and financial resources of the applicant.

The Garnet product of our company is competitive in many grades with similar Indian and Australian ones with much higher prices.

This company produces its Garnet with different product codes based on color, size, quality and has different offers according to the customer’s request.


The Garnet produced by this company is produced in three types of Andradite, Grossular and Almandine in a wide combination of granulations for different works, the sizes of which are as follows:

0.5 – 1.5 mm
1 – 3 mm
20-40 Mesh
30-60 Mesh
120Mesh and higher


At present, red Garnet (Almandine) and brown Garnet (Grossular) is available in above sizes.

Almandine Garnet of our company is produced at 0.5-1.5, 40-60, 20-80, 30-120, 60 mm.

The quality level of our Almandine Garnet is comparable to the best brands of this product.

Our brown Garnet is also available in the above sizes and sizes of 1-3 and 0.5-1 mm at a very reasonable price, its advantages include more recycling time, high sand blast speed, lower power consumption and lower operating hours.